My name is Sy, which is not necessarily short for anything. I created the first iteration of this blog in 2004, and the blog itself along with its content have been recreated (or de-created) approximately six times since. Blogging was a big part of my daily life in high school and even a source of income during university. Afterwards, however, I focused greatly in my career and put blogging in the backburner.


At home, I focus my efforts on photography, pushing my cycling capabilities further, and occasionally on making music and writing. When none of these happen, I tend to play videogames, although not as many as I wish I did. My wardrobe is 95% black clothes and 100% uncommon themes. I listen to far more music than I would dare to admit, mostly in the form of the Industrial and Metal varieties, and enjoy watching movies — a lot of them.

At work, I am a Project Manager for a company that offers outsourcing services for Videogame publishers and developers. Although my expertise comes in the form of Functionality QA, the process of finding nuisances that would diminish the overall enjoyment of a game, I know my way around most things that can help someone make or improve a game.

This blog is an archive of my thoughts and ideas and as of the time this page was updated in early 2018, there is no theme or longterm objective for it to fulfill other than sharing what goes through my head.

I hope you enjoy your stay.