The Burning Fire

Coming from the perpetually mild Mexico City as far as temperature is concerned, which contrary to popular belief is actually not hot and basically forever spring/autumn, every year in Montreal is a challenge in many different ways.

Last year was such a mild winter that there was no snow to practice winter sports properly, and the mountains around the area were filled of the fake stuff that basically feels like plastic under your board. This winter was much weirder since we got considerably more snow than in previous years… but it came accompanied by rain, which made delightfully vicious pools of ice a lot of the time.

It is now mid April, and we are exactly a day away from the latest ice storm — an ice storm that took the city, province, and a good chunk of the country by surprise. A day later, we are back to normal Canadian spring, and something tells me that in about a week or two, it’s basically going to be t-shirt and shorts weather.

When it comes to my hobbies, this is a frustrating part of the year, a part of the year when I would rather be on my bike than working indoors on it. A part of the year where I want to go far to a new place and take pictures, but instead I just look at the rain out the window while I edit pictures that have been sitting in my hard drive for far too long. It is always those frustrating two or three weeks at the end of spring that are the hardest, but surely myself and everyone I know will soon be complaining about the heat once it arrives.

Something tells me this might be the last time I write about how strange this winter has been this year, but perhaps I get another shot at ranting a little bit about the weather. Maybe, and just maybe I will be writing about how warm the day was in a few days.

Time shall tell.

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