Going out and getting wild

This year has started and is already substantially different to the previous ones. This is the first year where we do not have to worry about any immigration work as we did in the previous ones. It is also the first one where we are incredibly stable from a financial perspective, and can actually start investing a little bit more in the rest of our lives.

With all that in mind, this is also the first year that we are a little bit more independent when it comes to moving around, as we can actually move around on our own and go on adventures. One such adventure happened this weekend as we decided to go to Oka national park.

We have been here several times in the past, but for the first time we have been here during winter, and getting here by car instead of by bicycle… just to rent bikes once we got there.


The route we did

For surprisingly little we were able to rent two fat bikes for a good four hours, and even though we called it a day before we even hit the three hour mark, the experience was very well worth it and definitely cemented my belief that I need to get a fatbike… in time.

This last thought opened a little bit of a dangerous door in my mind where I have started to evaluate which of the many mass produced fat bikes will be the best to fit my needs in the longrun. That being said, after discussing with my partner late last year, we came to the conclusion that more bicycles is not necessarily what we need in our lives right now.

Even if I already have plans to get something related later this year during summer.

Is n+1 truly the best amount of bikes?


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