Days Gone By

Today is Friday October the 6th, 2017. The year is now in its last quarter, and the preceding three just vanished into thin air. At the beginning of this year, much like at the beginning of many other years, I set myself objectives within all areas of my life: Improving my health, my physique, what I do at work and outside of it, and even travelling a bit more than usual.

Saying that I did not accomplish any of these would be a great exaggeration. Like many other years, I partially reached my goals (maybe I fully will by the end of the year? perhaps that should be my current goal), so it is not like I can throw this year into the failure bin and think about all the things I could have done differently. This year I have ridden my bicycle more than the year before, which is surprising since we did all sorts of mini trips everywhere, traveled more than I have in the past half decade, and generally became a healthier person in every aspect — even if there is still ways to go.


Probably the one event that happened this year that was new to my human experience was finally coming to terms with the fact that I probably won’t be as gracious or have as much energy as I did 7 years ago. Joints have started to squeak, I cannot skip sleep for more than a day anymore, and I am mostly living at a steady rhythm shifting between work, home, and the exercise in between.

Having less energy in the end means that there are less activities done throughout the day, and each day is substantially shorter than any day several years ago. This has also prompted me to start getting creative in the activities, hobbies, and generally everything I do outside of work. I am reaching a point in my life where work is gratifying and accomplishing enough for me to not have to pour my entire soul and well being into it, but after easily 5 years of doing so, it is difficult to remind myself that there is more to life than just working like a maniac.

Maybe this year was not as fascinatingly leisure-filled as I would have expected it to be when it first started, but at the very least I am glad that at this point of 2017 I am able to at least recognize what is important and what can wait in my life.

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