The former collection

A few years ago, when I first started at my current workplace, I bought a figure modeled after a singing synthesizer. The main idea behind getting the figure was having something to take pictures of during winter — as I was getting into photography — since I spent very little time outside and/or had no clue as to what one can take pictures of during winter.

That single figure was eventually joined by many more, and after two years of collecting and reviewing figures in a now defunct blog of mine, I even started getting a few for free — something I was not expecting, and probably the one thing that ruined the hobby for me. All of a sudden I had more figures and toys than I could possibly have on display. My responsibilities at work changed and I also did not have time to write as much after work as I used to, meaning that I not only had no space to open new boxes, but there was also very little meaning to do so as I would not do anything with them.

The figure situation did not change much for the year following my shift in responsibilities, as I still had months and months of figures waiting to arrive in my doorstep, and no desire nor time to do anything with them. Such was this situation until I moved apartments, when I packed everything in boxes and bags, and in boxes and bag almost everything remained for the next three years.

A few weeks ago I made the decision to get rid of the remaining bits of my collection — that is, every single figure that did not make the final cut to my permanent collection of little over 17 figures, down from over 200. In many ways my life changed in the past few years, and as my priorities shifted from collecting figures to review them to leading a more simple lifestyle with less possessions and generally more exposure to the world out there, I am happy to say that it almost feels as if a burden as removed from my life — something I never thought I would feel while discarding so much effort from my part at the same time.

Every day I find myself craving less connections to objects and have a greater desire to acquire the means to live more fulfilling adventures out there, which is probably the reason why most of my money these days goes to adventure clothing and the like, instead of plastic figures to decorate my apartment.

Oh, how things change…

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