Take Me to That Place

Opposites and crossroads are very much unlike each other. A long time ago I made a conscious decision to choose between one of the three or so ways of living that I have always been apt at.

  • Adventure
  • Artistry
  • Nerdiness

Up until I became an adult, I had a good balance of the three of them, a balance that was unfortunately changed when I moved to Canada and ended up hurting myself while doing the first. I then entered an age where I was in too much agony to be adventurous, and too imprecise to create art of any sort. So I decided to only to one of the three things that I liked in life.

Time passed, and I slowly crawled back to where I was at the beginning. I was suddenly riding my bicycle more (the perpetrator of my agony), and balancing my so-called nerdiness much more with my adventure life. This week I came to a very self-aware realization that I am no longer bound by injury to only do one of the feats I like to have in my life. Without realizing that my wounds had healed I started doing much more sports again, and was even striving to give my life more balance — again, without noticing that I was now able to do so.

We have had only one small camping trip this year so far, and although it was far from successful, it was a good trip all things considered. Perhaps it is time to up the ante a little bit more and be more ambitious with my current adventure, art, and…well, nerdy goals.

Time will tell where this path will lead.

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