Coming back to life

Adulting is hard, as my spouse very eloquently puts it every so often. May has by far been one of the most interesting months of my life. With a massive increase in every day work tasks, three different illnesses, and Canadian summer starting at full force, this was a great month for growth and learning.

Time flies when you are having fun, as it has been a year since I joined the team I am currently working with. What started as a slow voyage that became more and more turbulent, my work life has become very fulfilling and busy — busy to the point where I have had to set boundaries as to when I stop working and when I start living my own life, which is something I never before had to do. From one business trip to the insanity of my workload times three, I had a week of workload explosion that luckily came to a stop with a long weekend and a long deserved camping trip, which leads me to…

Disease. I was unfortunate enough to catch an infection at the beginning of the month, only to catch a West Coast flu while I was in San Francisco, which was followed by a good old fashioned cold. Lesson learned? Take care of yourself, and take time to heal.

Summer caught me off guard in that I underestimated my health in favor of doing more activities outside. Big mistake: What could have been three weeks of being outside doing all sorts of things turned into three weeks of recovering from one illness before going into the next, which was not at all fun.

All this to say: There is a time and place for everything. Sick downtime should not be treated carelessly, and work needs to be well balanced for it to, redundantly, work as best as possible. Luckily for me, this spiral of madness that was May has come to an end, and June has already delivered much more promise through health, a more balanced workload and support, and weather that just keeps getting better.

Every year I make it my goal for it to be my year, and this one certainly feels like it is going to be the greatest so far.

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