Drowning in Sunlight

Today is the last day of April. April in Montreal is typically a month of stillness: Winter is over and summer is not here yet, which limits the amount of activities that can be done within and outside the city. During this time of the year the city is always waiting for the next thing to begin, and there is a vibe in the air of anxiety for the warmth to begin.

For our lives, this was very much reflected in our shopping habits throughout the month. We began by planning ahead and making decisions regarding what we wanted to do this summer and the rest of the year, which is: What we could not fully accomplish last year when it came to our bikepacking spree.

When my spouse and I first met, I was really getting into the idea of cycling for everything: Commuting throughout the city, going on long rides over the weekend, and exploring trails on my mountain bike. My partner, on a different wing of adventure was more into hiking, camping, and exploration in general. After we started dating, our ideas and ideals started to combine, and we decided to start preparing for bike touring trips of our own… which was difficult at the beginning due to our monetary situation.

Almost 2 years after our original plans started to take us to different destinations, we decided to up our gear stock and purchased more bikepacking bags, and even decided to invest in getting mountain bicycles, which we will have at the beginning of May.

The reason why we opted to choose bikepacking as our adventure sport of choice is because it is incredibly cost effective. Take our trip to Jacques-Cartier last fall, for example.

  • Daily food for 2: Under 10 dollars.
  • Daily lodging for 2: Around 20 dollars.
  • Daily entertainment for 2: Completely free

Combined with the fact that some days the expenses go completely to zero, a good bikepacking trip is very rarely more than a few hundred dollars. The one investment that needs to be made is for initial transportation, and then the expenses go down immensely. Bikepacking is cheap… that is, after bikepacking gear has been acquired.

So April is coming to an end, and our trips are about to get started for this year. Next year our inter and spring situations are going to be much different, as we will have the equipment to get out there and go somewhere.

On to the future we ride.

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