As winter ends

This is the weekend: The one weekend that I had been waiting for since December came along — or perhaps even before — the one weekend where cold stops and the days ahead look much brighter, sunnier, and generally more pleasant.

It is not a weekend I often yearn for, as usually I spend my winter days snowboarding and then eating my heart out with little to no regrets, but due to the lack of… snowfall this winter and the annoying prevalence of ice, there was little snowboarding done this season. Once did we go out and enjoy the slopes, while the rest of the time there was either nothing to snowboard on or the mountains were filled of that plastic-like made snow.

This winter was, at the same time, one of the greatest beginnings of the year I have ever had. My partner became a permanent resident of Canada, which means we get to do all the traveling and enjoying that we have been missing out on for the past couple of years. We also hit a point in out lives where we have little to worry about economy wise — not because we make insane amounts of money, but because we both are people who can live comfortably without spending too much money, which is always a good way to live.

As winter ends we are looking at a bright future, and bracing ourselves for summer. A summer where we will go around the world both on our own and for work, and a summer where we will push ourselves a little over the edge of normality.

With warmth and great desires this winter ends. A hopeful future lies upon us.

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