Neon in the Sky

In less than a month I will be turning 27, which also happens to be one of my favorite numbers.

At almost 27 I have reached a few items in life that I did not anticipate I would have by this age: Stability at work (at a job I enjoy), love (with the most amazing person on earth), and health — that is at 100% but could do a 110% of sorts if I pushed myself further in certain aspects.

At almost 27 I am in a spot in my life where everything is good, and everything is stable — and yet I can only focus in the small things in life, the unimportant things, that ruin a moment and fill me with rage. Although I have everything I wanted and even more, my brain on its own cannot let go of the small items in my life that I have either not been able to resolve or not been able to let go off.

At almost 27 I have decided to make small changes in my life that will reflect better in my every day decisions.

  • An organized environment and mind simplifies problem resolution, and as such I will be more organized.
  • A healthy body can house a healthy mind, and as such I am going to increase my exercise from I am doing okay to I am doing spectacular.
  • A simple life yields no concerns, and as such I will be discarding any items, friendships, or thoughts that are of no use to me.
  • A beautiful mindset and its reflection will reflect beauty, and as such I have decided to keep a positive mindset, and for the first time since forever, take better care of my image.

At the time I am 27 I have decided I will be a happier person.

At 27 my primary goal will be to create, to explore, and to be a better person. During times of darkness I am to be enlightened, and as such I will shine.

Here goes another set of small changes that will surely return something positive in my every day life.


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