The Great Run

We have spent the past six months in a new apartment: Bigger, cleaner, newer, with much more reasonable neighbors and landlords, and a blink of an eye away from our workplace. We moved to this place with commodity in mind, mostly because of the easily accessible running/cycling areas nearby as well as the many highway exits around here.

One thing that we did not foresee, however, was that or decreased activity would make us less fit compared to how we were the past summer.

In all honesty, it is not the end of the world. We still work out a good thirty minutes to an hour every day as we commute or go do groceries, so it is not as if we suddenly became sedentary and were paying the price of not being active at all. The one thing that we lost was that extra exercise that kept us fit, instead of borderline between fit and unfit.

After many weeks of going over it in our heads, we made the decision to start running again. Our current neighborhood is maintained well enough that most, if not all, parks have perfectly plowed roads and a very small amount of icy sections, and as such we will be making use of these in the weeks to come to get back into the habit of running — and perhaps we will even make use of the parks themselves to do a little more cycling than usual.

The change in our mindset was simple: We want to be as fit as possible before the end of spring and beginning of summer comes so we can push harder and farther in our bikepacking and camping in general, we also are going to be signing to the 10 Kilometer race that will be taking place during the Ottawa marathon weekend, so at the very least that is a goal that we have set.

Should all go well, this could very well also open the door to training to do that triathlon I have been planning to do for the past two years. Time shall tell!

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