From the Shadows

Vacation time is usually a time of relaxation. A time to avoid thinking about the needless problems of everyday life and instead focusing on healing the many wounds that the fragile human frame receives when working or living in society.

End of year holidays are particularly good for this, as the entire event is laced with airs of new beginnings and leaving problems, emotions, and other negative aspects of life behind.

These holidays have been the busiest I have had in a while, and it is not at all a bad thing — as the lack of time has made me creative in how I come up with ideas and other solutions to my eternal pursuit for creation — it has made me unexpectedly imaginative in the problems that I want to solve and the contraptions I want to make.

In the past I used to be a creator of horror, and a creative mind that sought to write endless chapters about fields darkened by the shine of inverted stars, and over the course of the past few years I channeled that creativity in solving problems in the workplace, which was not bad and eventually landed me in a position where my growth has been boosted thousandfold and am now able to learn plenty from different perspectives of my professional live.

It has also given me the time that I was basically lacking for the past 6 years as I worked and studied during most of my days. Now I have time and am not using it for anything that I worked previous to those days of business. I am stuck in a state of mind where I am no longer restricted by the hours I have to invest every day to solve problems in my path, yet am still unable to use some of that energy in something other than waste, such as fueling the many creative objectives of mine that remain unresolved.

This year ends in a somewhat sour note that I did not figure out how to do this in the past half year, however, I will figure it out. 2017 will be a year of figuring a lot of things out.

May this year be better than the previous one. Not that this was a bad year, though the next will be better.

Happy new year.

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