The Great Crossroads

The past 2 or so years have been years of great change in my life.

It all started one February back in 2014: I was setting up what ended up becoming the largest project I had worked in up until that point, and was literally at my desk at seven or eight in the evening on a Friday literally planning the next four hours of my day and the weekend ahead of me — a weekend of work and beginning a new project. As the Universe would have it, this evening was filled with professional and personal decisions that could have greatly changed my life. This was a moment I called the great crossroads.

There was very little reason for me to be working that late that Friday evening, after all — I could have possibly waited until Monday to do it and be done with my weekend. I could have gone home at any moment, yet I didn’t since I was curious if work would be needed over the weekend. A good friend of mine invited me to party, and by not doing so I ended up staying for long enough to receive a phone call that led to me working the weekend and having to set everything up. Staying allowed me to say goodbye to an old acquaintance, and as I talked to her I ended up meeting the woman who would become my partner, as I saw her walking by and we exchanged glances.

That weekend I ended up working much more than I wanted to work, which fortunately led me to take some of the best decisions I made in my life, and in those few hours that Friday evening I ended up not being in a catastrophic party (a story for another day), and meeting the love of my life.

Often times I wonder how my life would have moved forward had I done something different during that evening, and other times I think about the little pieces of coincidental events that led me to that moment — how I decided not to party due to a knee injury, an injury that made me gain weight, which eventually led me to dedicate more time to cycling and ended up being more beneficial in the long run due to the amount of exercise, leisure, and travels I have done by focusing more on cycling.

Life is but a flow of tiny little moments that come and go, and eventually they all add together into something meaningful and complete. I look forward to the future and the coincidences that it will bring.

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