The Odd Day

Saying I like my job would be an understatement. I absolutely adore my job.

For those of you out there new to this blog, I am a Videogame Functionality QA Project Manager, whose every day mostly consists of estimating scope, cost, test strategy, and schedule of Videogame Testing Projects, as well as coming out with improvements for the department and coaching all of our personnel. Any other day I am also in our office in the edge of the downtown Montreal area.

Today was not a usual day by any means, as this is the first of two days I will be attending MIGS 2016, and even though the main focus of the day was mostly being away from the exhibition floor and in what they call a master class, it was a fun day nonetheless.

I was provided with the unique opportunity of being able to talk with people that I would usually not see under regular circumstances, and also talk to people whom I have known for years but had not seen in just as much time. It was a good chance to be submerged in like-minded people and others who have radically different ideas to bring to the table.

It was also an odd opportunity to have some Chinatown food at the very beginning of the week, and a very strong reminder to pay attention to the menu as I accidentally ordered 30 pieces of fish for myself instead of the 5 I intended to have. Whoops.

Most importantly though, it was a day where I learned tools that will not only help me improve as a professional in my every day work life, but also to transmit that knowledge to the people working besides me, which will make my job and their job much easier and enjoyable.

Sometimes even the smallest of changes in a routine, coupled with knowledge from an expert, will make a big difference in the way a work life evolves. Tomorrow will be day two for me, the final day overall, at MIGS 2016. Perhaps I can obtain more memorable knowledge for the days to come.

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