The Big Changes

Fall for us this year was fairly short and odd. It started as we headed outside of the city, and by the last quarter of our trip it was more than over in the place where we were. We came back to the city and somehow managed to catch a last glimpse of the more fally feelings the city has to offer.

I myself like fall a lot. It always has this magical allure to it that propels me and almost downright forces me to reinvent myself in more than one way at a time. It is the time at which I am at my most creative and most productive. While spring is usually the time of the year when I yearn to create, fall is the time of the year when I make plans for the rest of the year that will follow.

This year I am changing the pace a little bit as I am trying to create more than I usually create at this stage of the year. After having had a good time to think about what I wanted to do for the next year or two years of my life, getting there is a much easier road to follow compared to what I usually face.

And just like that I figured that my life needed a radical transformation of sorts.


Ever since I started working I have majorly neglected exercising for a very simple reason: My commute times and distance. Being a cycling commuter I was doing anything between 15 and 20 bicycle kilometers every day, which pretty much kept me in a decent shape year round, especially in summer. This year, however, the pace changed much when we moved closer to our workplace. As such, it is time to exercise — and I have chosen Muay Thai to be my weapon of choice.


Personal, and more specifically, mental growth is easy to attain in this day and age. There is so much information out there just waiting to be absorbed, unfortunately the amount of useful information in the world is completely drowned in the barrage of garbage information just floating everywhere in the planet. Perhaps it is time to go back to reading a book every day of the year (since this is something I can feasibly do regardless of the time I have at hand).


Simple responsibilities from something as small as doing the dishes, to something entirely more complex such as taking pictures for a blog post, processing them, and proceeding to actually write a blog post. I am inclining to do much more of the latter without letting the former go away completely. Discipline brings peace of mind and provides time where there would usually be waste.


Happiness in the form of joy is something I do not always aspire to use and obtain. If you do not enjoy doing something, find a way through which you will receive some joy out of it at the very least.

These are my main objectives for this fall, other than obtaining certain material possessions, and they are part of a bigger plan that I have for my life both offline and online –and the many crossroads that there will be in between.

It is a good time for change.

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