A Week of Success

It has been little over a week since we came back to civilization. Going back to normal life after any amount of vacation, provided that it is actually vacation time without any work in between, has always proved to be any degree of a challenge in the past.

This time around, however, it was like riding a bicycle or swimming: Half a second to pick up the pace, and then the brain goes fully automatic and takes care of everything. After a few hours I was back at my normal pace and had fully caught up to everything I needed to be involved in. Work was back on track the way it should be.

In the personal end things were much different. Before our vacation we were in a mode that could be very easily described as the “I need a holiday” mode. We were exhausted and barely productive at home — though all that change during our vacation as we came back more inspired than we have been in a while.

Even though during this first week I was not as productive as I would have liked to be, I still managed to do a very decent amount of tasks and projects I wanted to work in. To top everything up, I received my Canadian passport near the end of the week, making it my second passport and the end of a journey that I started at the beginning of my adult life, and that will allow me to live a simple life from now on. With these two passports I can travel without restrictions through most of the world!

Now that I am back into the normal rhythm of balancing work and everything that is personal, I am allowing myself to do more blogging than I usually do — perhaps going to something closer to the volume I used to produce in my early 20s, when I would write blog posts for a living.

Time shall tell.

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