Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Taking a break. Vacation time is something I absolutely never learned how to profit from. As a child and teenager I often went on vacation with my mother and my relatives to many places. As an adult, however, I often found myself enthralled with woke and used vacation time seldom on the premise of resting and more along the lines of following the laboral obligation of actually taking my vacation days.

For the past 3 or so years it has admittedly been a really rough ride. Ever since I set myself a goal as far as my professional life went, I was more than ready to invest all my time in work and nothing on my own.

Things changed fortunately, and in this moment I am boasting with vitality and inspiration after a good 2 weeks completely disconnected from anything work related. At the beginning I worried that there would be things I could absolutely  it leave behind, but as I have learned to trust others I have also become an to rest well assured that the world will not go done in flames if I am not present to  protect it.

So it was that my partner and I spent 2 weeks in a combination of camping in a national park and taking a day and a half to be in the city (after the weather turned severely uncooperative). It was a good 2 weeks of thinking about the pieces of my life – both personal and professionally – that really matter and that I would like to work on, and it all led me to realize a mistake that I have been doing for years.

Time off yields learning progress, and allows the body to heal.

For 3 years nonstop I plowed through life like a locomotive, and it was not until the past few days that I was bale to gain greater perspective on what I do and what I want, and come up with solutions and ideas to the work that I do in a daily basis. It also provided me with much  needed direction when it comes to my personal projects – something I had been over thinking n for months.

And so it is that after this time off I forced myself to have, I have greater purpose, ambitions, and desires in my life.

Time off is definitely important for the mind. How often do you take it?

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