The little things

A creature of absolute patience. That’s who I used to be.

The first three or so years of my adult life were all about working hard and being patient. Patient as I hoped to find meaning in my university life, patient as I slowly built myself a blogging name (now gone for years), and patient as I waited for plans to come to fruition after a year or two or three.

This all changed the moment I started working full time: Suddenly I had objectives and prerogatives — the next thing and the one task that needed to be completed as soon as possible. Admittedly I am good at getting done what I want to get done. Unfortunately, this has turned me into somewhat of a two faced individual as everything work related I am able to execute wonderfully, while matters that are more personal or that affect my every day life… that is a different story.

A big change that happened too, however, was that I stopped enjoying the little things. I went from being patient and enjoying every moment to being patient and enjoying the endgame, and not necessarily the journey. This is something that I have been working on changing for the past few months, and something that I find myself having to learn again.

Enjoying the little things is a simple notion that greatly changes everything. It is the difference between happiness after a tent in a campsite is up and getting excited at the prospect of going camping, and then enjoying every step until it is over, and furthermore. It is a simple process of breaking down life into moments and moments into the simplest units of enjoyment possible. It’s about going on a trip abroad and being able to enjoy something as simple as the smell of your tickets as they are given to you, of that peculiar-tasting airplane coffee, the smell of ground bacteria you are not used to, and that headache you get after being up for 20 hours in a row — even though it is only 6 in the evening in the place you are in.

These are all feelings I somehow forgot to enjoy and am working hard to get back. Part of the reason behind my current blog activities is to indulge myself in writing, which is another little thing I enjoy. So far into the first few months of this experiment, I have found myself being generally happier and more energetic than I used to be.

I also sleep better at night.

What are the little things you enjoy? Do you ever stop on the side of the road to smell the grass?

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