The Music in the Air

Music. There was a time when I knew music but cared little about it. For the first maybe 10 years of my life I did not particularly decide to like anything in particular in regards to music, which all started changing once my friends started to be very vocal about the types of music that they liked. Hanging around with students that were a year or even two older than myself contributed to this in that they had had more time to carefully (or not at all) select the music that they liked.

So it was that I started listening to the same music that all of my friends were listening to — which was good for some time, at least while the worst part of adolescence slapped me in the face and I entered that eternal conflict that teenagers often enter. Heavier! I need heavier music. Darker as well!

Just like that. I stopped listening to the Rock albums that my friends liked, and started delving lightly more into Industrial and Metal, and moreoften blends of both. For something close to 10 years I dedicated a very large portion of my life to collecting, listening, reviewing, and witnessing the music that I liked: Going from a simple music-holic to an audiophile at heart. There was not much that could stop my desire to get more music.

Or so I thought. Eventually the era of streaming gained momentum even if I had decided to ignore it for a good 4 or years, and the means through which I could find music were simplified majestically. No longer did I have to wait 2 months to get a rare album just so I could process it, tag it, and if the Universe allowed to, to enter it in a database somewhere for the very first time. Those were the days of managing to get 10,000 tracks from a certain genre, listening to all of them over the course of 3 months, and then going wild with reviews left and right. The days of waiting for that magical box every month that would have the new albums that I had been waiting for years to arrive.

Gone were the days.

It was one morning a few months after I had met my partner, that I decided to make the full switch to streaming music — from Spotify of all places — and did not look back for a good 2 years. Streaming music meant that I no longer had to hunt down albums and could instead look for them within the app and find them 99% of the time. There was no need to over encode anything as the albums were already ready to be listened, and in matters of quality, quality had gone up considerably since the very first streaming services were out. There was no need for me to acquire physical copies of anything — which is sad as I always believed in doing a small part by buying a record… particularly if it was acquired straight from the artist.

Strangely enough, it was also around this time that I stopped reviewing albums altogether. Not having to track albums down also meant that I was disconnected from their release dates and more often than not I ended not knowing when albums by my favorite bands were going to be released. I was completely submerged in millions of music tracks but at the same time disconnected from the music that I loved for so many years. This all changed one morning when we made a decision we had talked about for a while and did not necessarily have the budget to execute in the past. Vinyl.

We bought a very basic vinyl player, which does its job of playing music in what I can only describe as heavenly quality more than well. I started hunting down albums from my favorite bands once more, as I realized that it just so happened that most of the genre that I picked during my life as my favorites are heavily favoured by its artists to do vinyl pressings.

It is all slowly coming back to life once more.

At the moment our vinyl collection is small enough to be listened in a couple of hours, but with more vinyl in the way I can only help but wonder where this next stage in my love for music is going to take me.

Only time will tell.

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