The New Horizons

The past eight months of my life have been nothing short of a glimpse. At work I started handling one of the largest projects I have had up until then with grace and skill; at home we were growing back into our economy after my partner was able to work again, and we even got a PS4.

Today it has been almost a full eight months since the year started, and we are much closer to wrapping it up than we are to the beginning of the entire odyssey. The past year was on of those years of learning and yearning: Of being able to assess what is the best course of action and also knowing that one day something will be fully achieved. These days, in start contrast, we live every day in a relaxed manner — planning ahead for the future in a year or even five, while at the same time being grateful for how easy life is at the moment. Particularly the past 2 months have been months of extreme relaxation as we scrapped an interesting neighbourhood for a more relaxing one just a step away from our workplace.

This morning as I was getting all my items and food ready for work, I started browsing through the many blogposts that I had not yet read coming from people who inspired me, and realized that I am now in a perfect spot to start looking much further ahead than I already am. From the successes that I am looking to have at work throughout the next 10 months, to the long bikepacking trips that we are already preparing for in the distant future.

Last night there was a full moon, which happened to be the shiniest full moon I have seen in easily a decade. There I was in the middle of the night, being waken up by an extremely bright light that I thought was the sun, and instead was greeted by a face of the moon I had not paid attention to for a long long time.

All is good in my world now, and it is right about time to make it much better.

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