The collection

Once upon a time in a very old incarnation of this blog, I wrote about a purchase that I had made. The very first of its kind: I had purchased a figure. The objective back then was to take pictures of something while winter roamed free in the streets. This was during a time when I would absolutely not go out unless I really need to go out whenever there was snow in the street, and since in years previous to this my photography was literally frozen for half a year, I decided to do something about it.

So I bought a poseable figure. I made her look silly, and eventually I got another one to change everything a little bit. Then I got another one, and another one, and another one.

After 3 years of non-stop figure buying, I had little over 200 figures in my apartment. 200 figures. That is a number higher to the amount of collectible figures I had as a child, and these were an investment vastly different to those, mostly since I ended up paying for them on my own. The great magic and nuisance about collectible figures is that they are paid for in advanced, or reserved in advanced, and after a few months if not years they are released and shipped.

3 years into my adventure I decided to stop, but that did not necessarily mean that the figures would stop coming: On the contrary, about half of them had yet to arrive and started arriving one by one as I contemplated at them with lack of desire and more willingness to get rid of them. I started selling a few, and the battle to sell all the undesirables has been roaming since.

That being said, there is a good amount of collectible figures that I decided to keep. Not only did they teach me a thing or two about decoration and aesthetics — they look amazing in our new apartment.

For any collectors out there: The only piece of advice that I have for you is to only buy figures that you absolutely are dying to get. Anything even remotely below that line of expectations is a waste that you will eventually get rid of. Myself? Out of almost 300 figures purchased I am keeping less than 20. That is how little I actually wanted most of them.

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