The beach around the corner

One of the main reasons why we moved from our former home in the north-eastern side of the island to basically the south was simply the connectivity with cycling route altogether. While in our old apartment we had the option to go to the so-called north of Montreal, or to take one of the many arteries to go to the actual geographical north with ease, it was invariably a good 30 or 40 minutes before we could get anywhere remotely away from the city.

This is not the case anymore.

Even if we are farther away from the northern exit that leads out of the city, we have a passage less than 15 minutes away that completely takes us out. The almost accurately called maritime route. This was a small passage built to divide the St. Lawrence river from the portion of the river that was designated for cargo ships. What is interesting about this small piece of land, however, is that it is an almost 20 kilometer stretch that has been turned into both a service lane and a cycling path.

It also happens to have a beach at the very end of it, so after little over 40 minutes of cycling, we can go to a beach that is not in the middle of the city. A man-made beach, of course, but a beach nonetheless.

The other great part about this exit out of the city is that it connects to the south, which will eventually discard us closer to other places, such as the States. Going through the shoreline, on the other hand, would take us closer to Ontario. This is a great place to live in.

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