The will to grow and spread

Let’s talk about spreadsheets. I once took a class of what could be called elemental office knowledge back when I was in middle school. A few of my classmates struggled with the assignments given, and like many other computer-related courses back then, I was going through it marvelously. So I made a hobby out of helping others understand or at least pass the course. Not the best choice, but it did help at least one person in the end.

Spreadsheets were admittedly a useless part of my education until I reached university, which is a shame since hey would have greatly helped me earlier on. It was not until I joined my current world, however, that I got to experience the full grasp and versatility of spreadsheets. I dusted off the 10 year old knowledge that I had and worked hard to stay along the curve since there were so many people who were vastly exceptional at using them compared to myself.

A year passed, or perhaps two. I got a promotion and in the words of one of the testers I worked with not so long ago “my life is basically spreadsheets” — and this was fairly true at the time: I was going through a stage in my life where I wanted everything to be done through spreadsheets without necessarily knowing everything to make the process as simple as possible, yet I managed to land in a project that required me to push my knowledge to the limit, and suddenly I was in a position where I too was one of those who had the knowledge and who could do what they wanted with these.

Almost a year has passed since this came to be, and I have admittedly only grown deeper into the universe that spreadsheets are. I know the basics and can go further than I thought or imagined at one point I could do.

And at this point I will stop talking about spreadsheets and start talking about insignificant experiences. I was once 12 years of age, and I learned to use a tool that I had no vision, knowledge, or understanding about, however, I was good at using it and did not make anything out of it at the time. Over the years it turned out that those particles of knowledge would transform and become more and more useful over time. 10 years after I first obtained this knowledge I was widely exercising it, and almost 15 years later I decided to master it.

Now I am left imagining what life will be over the years if I decidedly pick every piece of knowledge that I obtained and did something out of, and decide to learn and expand it until it becomes something great.

Learning is a gift I have decided to make use of, and I will use it as much as I can.

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