The days of the eternal sun

Today was the day. Today was the first day this year when the temperature hit 40 degrees Celsius. As an immigrant I always pictured Canada as this land of eternal cold when I was a child, and later on when I came here right in the middle of summer I was surprised at how warm the weather was, and even then that year was not a peculiarly warm summer.

Fast forward a few years, and I have seen it all when it comes to the massive exodus of temperature that occurs every year in the city of Montreal. We start the year at temperatures that can easily go to -40C (perceived) well into 40 or 45 degrees depending on the levels of humidity.

It is insane.

People often ask me if I, as a former resident of Mexico, am used to this kind of heat, to which I always answer no. There is a commonly mislead perception that Mexico is this land of eternal heat and that everyone there is always used to being in 40 or 50 degrees nonstop, when in reality the weather is very mild and even hits temperatures below freezing point every now and then.

The people from the cold and warm country think that the mild country is warm, and the people from the mild country think that the cold and warm country is always cold.

This is a world of many different views, though it is funny to see how media has shaped certain places to be perceived in very specific ways. After all, it is not like Canada is particularly and popularly known for its 40 Celsius degree summers.

At least not quite yet…

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