The Move in Summer

There is a holiday in this province that is very well known now only for the day off itself, but also for the fact that most people choose to move on this date in particular. This is the date when most leases end and start, and the day that most people choose to leave their old homes to look for new ones.

This year we were not exactly part of this adventure, as we decided to do our own move a few days prior to the date. 4 days ahead of everyone else we decided to move.

What we planned would take a few days of downtime has extended to almost two weeks of hard work and unpacking merely because we either packed everything too well or our still under renovation apartment had not freed up the space necessary to unpack all of our goods.

Now, exactly two weeks later we are wrapping up the very last boxes packed, and have less than five left to go. This has been a time of new beginnings and hard good-byes, and most importantly: A moment in our lives where we have a substantial amount of extra time every day. We went from a daily hour and a half’s worth of commute to a mere 15 minutes every day. Living 2 kilometers away from your workplace does wonders when the primary method of transportation you have chosen is cycling.

Time is a surprisingly well invested good that we now have in our lives. We get to work early and we get home even earlier. We even have a lot of acquaintances in the neighbourhood, which is a good change compared to the 2 or 3 people that we used to know in our old place. Best of all is the notable absence of prostitutes and substance abusers.

Hochelaga, you will be missed.

There are many more adventures ahead of us in this apartment and in summer in general, and I am most certainly looking forward to all of them and to what the future has to offer.

Bonus time, can you tell what my favorite genre of literature is?

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