The Wave of Fire

Up until this year, my experience in Canada had been a very simple string of events: Unbearable warmth is followed by peaceful fall, then unbearable call, and then peaceful spring. Then the cycle began anew.

This year, however, one of the variables to this equation greatly changed: We cycled through winter, which means… there were no cold days in our lives! Ever since we picked up cycling we have become very good at dealing with cold, to the point where we have been enjoying summer since the early days of spring. Now that summer has come in full throttle, we have become massive blobs of overheated humanity.

I have never been particularly good at handling heat, which is surprising considering that I was born in a relatively warm place. Since I was a child my mother was surprised that I would overheat during summer and be perfectly comfortable with the weather in winter. Once I arrived to Montreal, not much changed in comparison to before: I was still good at dealing with cold weather, and perfectly horrible at dealing with heat.

Never would have I imagined that in this city in the north the temperature would get so close to 40 metric degrees in the summer, and never would I have imagined that during this time everything happens in the city. From festivals celebrating nerdiness, to movie festivals, and pretty much 80% of all the music events that happen during the year. It is a time to be alive… in the heat. Somehow. Luckily for us, we have recently rediscovered the marvel that are the Montreal public swimming pools, where all you have to do is choose the relevant time slot, show up, and enjoy the loveliness of the water. It is also a good time to invest some effort into training for the triathlon that I want to do next year, for swimming is my weakest sport as of last year.

Week one has started. Only five more weeks of intense heat to go!

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