Stargazing and Bikeriding

Over the past year we have done 2 trips to go camping with our bicycles. Touring was something I never considered doing when cycling and it ended up being the one tool that took us outside of the city and many steps closer to nature.

With my previous experience doing one day mountain biking trips with my uncles, we shifted the focus to bikepacking and have been acquiring more and more gear to be able to carry out such a feature. We are soon moving to an area of the city where we will be closer to the routes that take us outside of the city the fastest, which is something that greatly interests us.

Watching and reading all these posts about people doing the trans-American route (or trail) and about how easy it is
to travel through this continent by bicycle is pushing us more and more towards gearing up and leaving for these amazing adventures.

Up until this point we have been focusing a little bit more on obtaining the tools and knowledge to do this right, though now that the weather is being more cooperative it will be time to actually go out to places, come back, and then do it all over again in the week that follows. Out job is more busy in the summer than it is the rest of the year, so we will be focusing in smaller trips first, and as time moves by we will be doing much larger trips — such as a larger trip to the Gaspesie peninsula that we have been planning for a few months. That will be something interesting to do right before fall comes and the province starts drastically dropping its temperature.

Our goal this year is to be able to efficiently reach another city or province with our bicycles, and perhaps later on (next year hopefully!) we will be able to do a more ambitious trip, such as a trans continental route or head down south to the lower part of the States. The possibilities are endless and the results will surely be exciting!

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