Grow and Mend

Sickness is a hindrance. A hindrance for the body as it is unable to perform as expected, and a hindrance for the mind as it is trapped within the body — unable to perform at full, and unable to move forward.

The past few days I have spent at home with a flu. Four long days that seem longer than they probably were, and that for certain were less productive than I would have wanted them to be. It seems almost ironic, if not a horribly inconvenient coincidence, that I started being really sick on the day that I was set to embark in my newest adventure related to fitness and well-being.

This is not a post about me being sick.

Some time ago I watched a series of videos while I was similarly sick with what I have now. These were videos of athletes performing incredible features of endurance and sportsmanship: These were people involved in the world of triathlons. Masters of swimming, cycling, and running — and people who are able to combine all three disciplines into something far more extraordinary and rewarding. Long have I desired to join the ranks of these people, and I even took a small step towards this last year as I did a Super Spring Triathlon… all to get me more boosted for the next thing.

My body is a wonderful and inconvenient thing. If I exercise, and I require a lot of exercise, it is very easy to gain muscle mass and lose fat — being able to perform well at the sport of my choice, however, if I stop exercising for a few days or, even worse, weeks, my body is able to store fat at a dreadful pace. Wonderful and inconvenient.

For the past few years I have been content to doing enough exercise while being slightly above then below the threshold of what fit would be for my body, but I have decided that this will be no more.

It is time to step up the game.

By the end of summer I am aiming to be able to run as much as half a marathon, swim regularly, and continue with the bikepacking adventures that we have set to do recently. If all goes well, perhaps next year I will be able to venture into my first triathlon, which will be an odyssey of its own.

This is not a post about me being sick.

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