The Time Gone

I am ashamed to see how little time I have dedicated to this blog in the past few months. What originally started as a daily blog has now been reduced to something as sporadic as one blog post every month or so. Life has been busy as of late, and not having a fully functional computer has been my every day excuse not to be active here.

A lot of things have happened ever since I last posted here. I got a promotion at work, and managed to find a great hobby in backpacking. I am in a healthy relationship and about to take big steps in my life: Both professionally and personally.

And yet there is so much more I wish I had done with the time that has past and gone in the years preceding this one. So much time I spent locked in my own dungeon afraid of the future, and so much time I wasted with people and notions that were of no benefit to my life.

In the end, however, it was all these little experiences that turned me into the person I am today, in the circumstances that I am today. This is something that I would not change for anything in the world. The days to come are sure to be challenging in many an aspect, though I am looking forward to the challenge and to the adventures to come.

Here we go again!

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