Parts 1 and 2, and 3 and 4

Every few weeks we make a trek to the northern part of the city. This is a short trip of around 10 kilometers that regurgitates us past a highway and into Mountain Equipment Co-op. For the past few years this has been somewhat of a mecca when it comes to adventure equipment and getting ready for something amazing.

Today was no different from those many other times I (now we) have visited this store. We went there with adventure in mind and with adventure we left. We are currently planning our setups for our bikepacking trips later this summer, which mostly involves lots of equipment hunting and a lot of investigation altogether. Every time we go to MEC we also take advantage of the prices of things to make sure that we stock up on cycling equipment for the weeks to come.

And every time we found ourselves having forgotten something or having barely not purchased something that we ended up buying later on.

Today was such a case for my front brake in my daily commuter. This is a bicycle I have been punishing for almost 2 years straight. A bicycle that got me through the entirety of 2015 and even through winter early this year. In order to give it some much needed maintenance I removed its front brake, only to have it practically disintegrate in my hands as I removed it… which is now leading me towards the inevitability of getting a new brake — just as I was in a store where I had 20 different choices of brakes.

Cycling is a fun activity, and it is funny to think that even though we spend quite the amount of money maintaining and rebuilding our bicycles, it is still far cheaper than what we would otherwise be paying for public transportation or owning a car.

For now the new brake has been purchased. Looking forward to the next thing that breaks so we can repair it or replace it!

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