A Life With Bicycles

It has been little over a year since we decided to drop public transportation and let bicycles be the way we transport ourselves. This Saturday we spent a good portion of the day helping a friend build his daily commuter, and it made me realize how much we have grown when it comes to cycling knowledge, and how enthusiastic we are about cycling in general.

To think that a year ago we were sharing bicycles because we did not have enough money/time to get something together for my partner, yet now we each have bikepacking and beater bikes (if the universe allows we may even get our third bikes this year), and we are also getting ready for a bikepacking tour somewhere in Canada.

There was a time when I hopped on my bicycle whenever I was bored and mostly as a means of staying fit. Around this time I would let my wheels take me places and enjoy the moments that I was cycling. Now that every morning year round I wake up, hop on my bike, and reach my destination, life is so much simpler and I am a generally healthier and happier person.

Often times I wonder what my days would be without that initial rush in the morning as I get a few kilometers of cycling into my system. It has also made me more patient and tolerant — once I was a mad cyclist in that I was going as fast as I could with little regard for others or myself, and mostly focusing on getting to my destination as fast as possible — now I am a moderate rider. I go at my own pace, get to my destination whenever I need to get there, and focus on enjoying the ride altogether.

Today I am toasting to the future, and the many adventures in bicycles that it will bring to us.

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