Day in Day Out

Hello again. Here we are again. Again at a place where comfort is the law and where everything actually works.

After two months we finally made some advances with our daily schedules. The partner got a permanent contract at the workplace, which greatly helps with our finances and keeps both of us occupied in a regular basis. We also decided to try something new when it came to our sleeping times (both of ours are around 6.5 hours) — which also allowed us to have more time than usual in our days…

And somehow I managed to forget about writing anything for over two months.

It has been almost a full year since my computer broke and ever since I have been surviving in my almost decade-old laptop. It is funny to think that this thing was once at the top of the food chain, and now can barely stand its ground with the amount of software updates that have bombarded it in a regular basis. Work has been keeping me busy and the general amount of upgrades that I have invested on for my old computer is basically zero.

In a more happy note, we are finally gearing up to go bike touring as soon as summer begins. Odds are we are going to take relatively short trips (around one week at a time) while we figure out how far we can go and how many kilometers we can squeeze in every day, however, it is finally happening.

Right now the main focus I have is to both keep this blog alive and to create as much content in the form of photography as I can possibly can. The past few months have been complicated as far as creating anything goes due to the weather, though this has come to change vastly in the past few weeks.

Summer is here! Let’s see how much writing we can get done in these days.

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