Relaxed Week; Relaxed Weekend

This week has been somewhat of a relief after the past 10 months of madness. Videogame QA back when I first started was a somewhat seasonal activity: There would be what we called a high season and a low season. One would be busy with work from clients and the other one would not. We would invest our time and energy into fulfilling project needs during the high season and focus more on our internal and personal projects in the low season.

Things have changed in the past few years however, and the high/low season has changed into a more normal/busy season model. Work is always at hand with the difference that it sometimes explodes into crazy levels and then lowers itself to normal levels. What we used to know as the low season is no longer something that takes place.

This has changed the dynamic at work quite a lot. Back when I was first promoted, there would be maybe half a year of craziness and half a year of slightly better paced work. Nowadays it is just an infinite barrage of work where we need to squeeze other different efforts in between, and it has gotten to the point where the solutions to our lack of time are more than entertaining: They are challenges of their own.

The week that just came to an end saw my first week of a regular workload in the past ten months, which is more than an accomplishment for myself. I finally get some time to breathe and to do the many things that I intended to do for months. Even though my workload is starting to grow already, it was a nice space in time to reassess my situation and work on whatever needed to be worked on.

This weekend is taking a somewhat similar approach as we are being productive while we give our bodies a chance to rest and do as little as we can while staying in the realm of productivity. Winter is providing us with an opportunity to stay inside and work on whatever needs to be worked on.

From the looks of things, we are going to have a pretty interesting year both inside and outside of work. I wonder what everything this year has in store for us!

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