One Day Missed

We have officially missed a single day of winter cycling this season. At least so far.

Today had the particularity of being a catastrophically wreck of a day when it came to bicycling. The weather was far from ideal for riding a bicycle yesterday, yet out of pure stubbornness and price we decided to go out for an adventure today anyway.

In the morning we were met by a barrage of snow that was not touched overnight, and after we left our workplace we found that all the snow had melted and then frozen into a disgusting myriad of slush and ice. Then we discovered the craziest portion of it all: Even with all the new hazards available in the road, most of the drivers in the streets had opted for being more reckless instead of being more careful in the road.

This year I have heard many comments when it comes to being a winter cyclist: Ranging from me being insane to being plainly stupid. The latter usually comes from the type of person who drives a car without the proper equipment (namely, winter tires), and with the excuse that any accident between a car and a bicycle (or a pedestrian) is not the fault of the car. After the great displays of intelligence we were met with today, it is hard to believe this is the fault of only one of the two parties involved in an accident.

Moving on to something else, we have made a decision to make winter commuting a part of our every year for as long as we can do it. Sure, we are looking forward to better days with warmer weather and more accessible cycling roads, though the portion of cycling that we currently have in our hands is not that bad in reality.

Something is telling us this year winter is going to go away ahead of time and we will be allowed to go farther in our touring bikes (currently being put together) once the sun shines on us.

This will be the year of cycling, and we are going to go far!

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