Breaking Radio Silence

The past two weeks were extraordinarily busy. When this year first began I imagined there would be a good balance between peaks of business and calm, however, I was greatly surprised when 2 tasks I did not at all expect.

First week in: Meeting 1 followed by meeting 2 and then catching up to work. 4 hours of work, and then the day was done. Rinse and repeat.

As time moves forward, possibly because I am getting older, I am finding it easier to get involved in activities that require a more creative or humane input from my part. Whereas in the past I was mostly focusing on delivering a product and never minding the in-betweens, I am finding myself working more heavily in the tiny little steps that lead to the price at the end of the tunnel.

Come August I will have been working on this role for 3 years. I worked towards getting there for a good year nonstop and never looked back. Nowadays I am focusing a lot on whatever the next step might be, and very often I am wondering.

What will the step after the next be?

Lately we can very often be found wondering about where we will be in 5 years, and where our travels will take us. We have thought about simple ideas such as opening a business of our own, to more complicated ones such as pursuing a very high job at a certain company. In the end it all ends up filling us with hope and leaving towards a life that will eventually take us somewhere.

My current period of business is over, and there is much catching up to do. What other wonders will this year bring, I wonder!

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