The First Snow of the Year

Last night we went for a Nuit Blanch event to the Bromont Ski resort. We went there with no expectations, and got a mouthful of amazing memories.

My partner and I often discuss how lucky we are to have found each other, and on nights like last night this proves to be very much true. She grabbed her skis and I grabbed my snowboard, and together we went to make some more memories for ourselves.

Admittedly, I am not a crazy good snowboarder. I have been snowboarding for the greater part of the past 3 years (going on 4) and the amount of time I usually spend snowboarding is fairly small. Add to that an injury that was caused while snowboarding, and I play it moderately safe… while still pushing myself to go a little bit forward. It’s a simple and fun journey, and something that I definitely want to do for the rest of my life.

Today we went to the mountain with something in particular in our minds: We are in shape this time around! Unlike previous years, we have kept our exercise quote going on for the past two months, and since we are able to ride our bicycles or run for X amount of time/distance, we knew that we were going to be fine while hitting the snow.


As healthy and fit as we may be, winter sports are a completely different monster from the other activities we do. While our energy levels were high and we were able to push ourselves forward a little bit, we were still short on the proper muscle development field. That is, after 4-ish hours of snowboarding and skiing, we were completely exhausted. On the other hand, we did do over 4 hours of continuous exercise, so there is that much to consider.

This is an amazing good workout.

We are aiming to do more this year in regards to the snow, and perhaps this year, unlike last year, we will be able to fine tune our skills and try something different so we can focus on that next year.

For now, we are going to have fun until the snow runs out. Thank you, winter!

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