All Beauty Must Die

The past few days I have been focusing a lot of my energy into creating. From writing bits for later fiction, to the posts in this blog, to the 3 to 15 pictures I am taking every day, and that is not even counting the experiments I have begun to do with video.

Creating is something I have always liked to do, and unfortunately something that I have not allowed myself to do over the past few years. Ever since I moved to Canada, I have focused primarily on what I want to do with my life — always living one year ahead in the future and never ever focusing in the present. After being somewhat stuck in the year that just passed, I got to realize how important it is to actually live in the day we are instead of looking forward to the future (only). Some balance was due.

The primary way in which I am moving from being always in the future to living my life on a more day-to-day basis is by creating. I am lucky enough to be with someone who loves creating, and with the amount of people who run on creativity whom I follow, the past couple of weeks have been nothing short of inspiration. At work I am being forced to think outside of the box (and even, larger boxes) day after day, and when coming home I am conjuring the best of my inspiration and laying down as many ideas as I can on paper. I am daring to do things I would not dare do, and after following the words of a certain Casey Neistat, I have also decided to stop aiming for perfection and just doing things.

This has possibly always been the greatest problem I have had: Perfection. I want everything I do to be meticulously planned and well executed — no matter if it takes me a few days or months — I never settle for anything less than perfect, which unfortunately has translated into my life as a few perfect creations and a whole lot of cancelled projects. Perfection is no more.

All beauty must die.

Sometimes it takes less than making a plan to get from A to B: Sometimes it is better to lunge oneself into the unknown and land straight in the fire to be able to feel the heat.

This year will be the year of creation, and great things will come out of it.

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