Early Mornings and Long Days

The greater part of the past year I have been starting my work days at 07:00 every morning. Due to the nature of my workplace, being one of the many videogame QA providers in this city, we hit large amounts of projects and employees every year, which more often than not forces us to share workspace across 2 shifts: One in the morning and one in the evening. After 4 summers working evenings, this time around I got to work in the morning.

At the beginning this little adventure was an ocean of running against the clock to always be on time. Waking up little before 5 in the morning and them scrambling my way to work. I have always been one to arrive ahead of time, but with this schedule this was slightly more complicated than I thought due to the amount of things that I like to take care of before I leave home.

This changed in time, and after a few months I was able to have at least enough time to get some food in my backpack along with small amounts of pre-biking exercise. Then the commute began and off to work I was. After so many months I completely adapted to waking up early and sleeping late — running on as little as 5 hours of sleep every day and managing to keep going every week somehow.

Due to some very-well programmed circumstances, I will be starting my work shifts at 09:00 starting tomorrow, which will greatly change how I use my time… since now I will have a glorious 4 hours to be awake before I even head out to work. This is something that I probably would have been unable to accomplish in the past, and something I am more than just interested in trying out.

Along with this era of working a little bit later, the times of darkness in my morning commute have come to an unexpected end. Now I get to see the sunrise and take pictures on the way home! The possibilities that are suddenly open are gorgeous. No more having to squeeze activities in between 04:00 and 06:00 in order to get something done every morning.

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