The No-Diet

There was a time when I was seriously concerned about my diet. This was about 5 years ago after I was told that I had to change my eating habits if I wanted to avoid diabetes by my 30s. The logic behind this was flawed, as I was asked to lose around 6 kg via eating healthy and exercise… which after 12 months of dieting and lots of exercise, turned into 6 extra kilograms added to my body mass: I was leaner and the amount of muscle I gained greatly out-weighted what I loss in fat.

Since that time a lot of things have happened and changed, and nowadays I worry little about what I eat: That is, considering that I follow a strict vegetarian diet with pescetarian cheat days.

Recently I started exchanging words with a few groups of people interested in getting healthy, and the most commonly-brought up topic was a massive change in diet. At first I almost purposely ignored the impact that a change in diet could have in health compared to adding exercise, but I then realized that not everyone eats what I eat — considering my body cannot handle over half of the foods that people consider junk — and then came to realize that in my lack of dietary luck, I managed to hit a jackpot of health.

At some point during my early adulthood, my body decided to stop being able to process a lot of things: From high-sugar containing foods, to most meats, and a lot of processed foods. Some things such as fast food (with the exception of pizza, surprisingly) are completely out of the question and bring me nothing but misery when I eat them. Around this time I also started living a more healthy life: I started running, commuting by bicycle, and generally staying more active than I used to be.

3 years on, this has translated as me exercising on a daily basis and my body literally demanding as much food as possible to justify the amount of activity. Not being able to eat crap 24/7 is the best blessing my body could have possibly generated over the years.

Now that I am moving to an even more physically demanding stage of my life, it is perhaps time that I actually start a regime in order to be able to keep up with the needs my body will have. I wonder how this will go!

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