The Figure Collection

Anyone who ever walks into our apartment will notice a few things, and among them is my vast figure collection. From a spectator point of view, the reasoning could seem to be that I am a generally odd person, a nerd, or perhaps something else. I rarely ever talk about it, and it is such a regular part of my life that I rarely ever acknowledge it as “a thing“.

The figure collection was born out of my love for photography.

It was a few years ago that my mother gifted me my first DSLR, which made me fall in love with photography again (there’s another story about this which I will not tell now). I was taking pictures of everything everywhere, dangled with the loveliness of street photography, and went places I would usually not go to just to get a different taste of photography. Something I did not anticipate, however, was how stale my photography was going to get once winter came. The first winter that I spent without much photographic endeavors was harsh and boring… so much that for my next winter I got a macro lens and ordered my very first figure.

What began as an experiment soon became a hobby and ended up as an obsession. In little over 2 years I went from owning 0 figures to a staggering 237. There were so many figures that I had no place to store the ones that I had not opened, and even though I have not ordered a single figure since 2013, I still get some in the mail every now and then.

It is a demanding hobby and something that truly needs a budget and time slot of its own. Something I do not do anymore, but something that served me as a useful reminder of how to use my money and my time.

Sometimes life produces beauty that can be enjoyed and studied. Sometimes life wastes matter and time, and there is not much that can be done about that.

Nowadays the remains of my collection decorate the walls of our apartment, and there lies this hobby now frozen in time and space. Maybe one day I will pick collecting 1 type of figure again (my money would be on 3A), but for now this hobby is officially cancelled.

There are currently better notions in my life, in which time and money would be better invested.

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