Cold Outside; Warm Inside

The struggle. Not wanting to go outside because it is warm inside, and then having to go outside to live a little before wanting to go inside. Being outside and having fun and not wanting to go inside.

Cold outside; warm inside.

I am writing this as I have downed a whole liter of orange juice in hopes that the excess of vitamin C will prevent me from getting sick (I am NOT going to get sick). The past 2 days of cold winter bicycle riding have made my body go through the entire motion of a cold in little over 16 hours: From an annoying runny nose, then shakes, then coughing, swollen throat, and then nothing.

I am not getting sick.

This evening a small amount of my post-work time went directly into making plans on ways to stay healthy and to push myself further into fitness this year. We are currently planning to go to Ottawa during the marathon weekend to see if we can tackle half a marathon this year, which would be the longest distance either of us has ran in a race. Certainly a huge upgrade from my latest, sleepless performance at the 2014 Ottawa Tamarack 10K.

This is still far away.

A new challenge that has risen this year, which is something I had not contemplated at all, is how much food my body was going to demand on a daily basis. The cold is pushing me to go faster as I cycle (as fast as studded tires would allow anyway), and at the same time telling my body to stock up on reserves.

I am not getting sick.

As all this panic about becoming healthier and doing everything I can to stay healthy in this very moment, I started to look back to the past: At how easily I got sick in the past and how weakening it was, from colds that would last weeks and blend in with the background eventually, to weakening diseases that would make me stay in bed for a day in two. Ever since I started commuting on a day to day basis no matter what the weather looked like, my body has been on a shuttle to planet Health. In the past 9 months I have been very sick a single day, and disease abandons my body within a day or two.

I am not sick?

Yesterday people asked if I was going to have to take time off, and today people asked me how my disease/cold/whateveritmighthavebeen was doing, and the answer was… gone.

May 2016 be the healthiest year I have ever had. This can only get better.

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