A Dream in the Horizon

This job I do is a job I love. Today was the first day of work of the year, which was surprisingly enough very relaxed as I over-prepared last night for what I thought was going to be a hectic and insane day. On the contrary, it was mostly about people getting back on the right mindset and then plowing through their work as the day advanced.

The work that I do is an accidental consequence of a need that arose about 5 years ago. School was my everyday focus and in my mind I was in my way to become a writer of some sort. Unfortunately what I wanted and what I was actually feeling did not match in any universe: I was felling stuck and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided to take a year off to figure things out and to see what life was going to become.

In this year off I decided I was going to work somewhere somehow and then see what state my mind was in afterwards. I started a job as a videogame tester in one of the QA houses of the city. Then a year passed, then 2 years passed and I decided to aspire for something more… so I became what we call a Test Lead, who is the person in charge of coordinating teams of videogame testers. I was thrilled, and I am thrilled. This is a job that entertains me and teaches me something new every day. I no longer feel stuck and pointless, however, I am starting to reach a point where I want more.

For the past couple of months I have been following all of these creative personalities. People who at one point or another started to create something of their own and then after a few months if not years they managed to turn it into a brand that led them to becoming their own bosses and doing their own thing. Today as I cycled through the snow I realized how much fun doing something like this must be, and set it as an objective to take what I have and get to a higher or maybe just slightly different place, and then use the knowledge and resources gained to start doing something else on the side: Nothing extraordinary but something that will feed my soul in a way different than the gratification I get from working does.

So begins the time to continue the adventure I have been working on for the past almost 3 years, and at the same time I am also building a ship that will take me on greater journeys. Or so I hope.

The past few years I have been wandering around chasing for some sort of meaning to everything, only to realize that the only meaning that I will be finding in this world is whatever I can imagine meaning to be. This world is a world of possibilities, and if I or anyone ever want to have something, it needs to be dreamed, found, chased, and obtained.

Now I am going to chase another one of my dreams.

One thought on “A Dream in the Horizon

  1. Vlad Bott says:

    Smooth sailing, skipper. Sometimes meaning is the ‘here and now’ and not ahead. I think you may have gotten it right beside you in this past year.

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