The Cycling Commute

I have been a bicycle aficionado for the grand majority of my life. As it is, for the past few months, it has been an integral part of my life: My fuel and my catalyst. The tool that takes me places and allows me to push myself more and more.

Back when I was a child I was one of the few people in my classroom who did not know how to ride a bicycle. I must have been 5 or 6 and was very concerned at my inability to be able to get into a bicycle and just ride it… which surprisingly changed one day when my grandfather literally placed me on the seat of my newest bicycle and just threw me ahead. I was terrified and in my terror instinct kicked in and I managed to understand how balance in a bicycle worked.

This changed everything.

From then on I joined my mother in many a bicycle ride — from going around town just to get to know it better, to the house hunting we did for months in bicycle, during which we rode every single street in the town where we lived until we knew them all by heart. I had found something I could do and sincerely enjoyed doing. Inevitably, I was hooked into [crosscountry] mountain biking once my uncle introduced me to it, and that was basically the first part of my experience with cycling.

Fast forward 10 years, and no longer do I do mountain biking as now I mostly focus on getting myself from one place to another and eventually reaching as far as we can get. In 2015 I started to seriously commute only by bicycle as I cancelled my bus/metro pass and got a sturdier lock to get the job done. On the weekends we picked our more expensive and well-equipped bicycles and went out of the city, eventually making it to our first cycling-camping weekend as we went to a national park to camp overnight in preparation for a super sprint triathlon I did (which also had its fair share of cycling).

Riding a bike is more than just a part of my life: It is how I basically get anywhere.

In past few years my bike riding was always stopped by the inevitability that are Canadian winters, however, this year we have decided that this will not be the case anymore and that we are going to brave the streets even during this time. Enter the age of winter cycling.

Riding with snowboarding equipment and with tires that resemble more threads than actual tires, we will be riding our bicycles year long from this moment onward. It is going to be challenging and lovely at the same time, and in the end we will be healthier and more willing to go out and discover the world.

The past year I rode over 4,000 kilometers in my bicycle, and this year I am aiming for no less than 6,000. Let’s see how it goes!

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