A Hint of Home Design

Today we took a little bit of time to do some upgrades to our apartment. Ever since we moved here in 2014, we have made-do with the furniture we had, which was mostly a collection of shelves and tables that I acquired over the years: Colors mismatching and generally not good looking.

Always have I had a thing for design in many aspects of my life, but due to the wiring of my brain over the past few years, this took a considerably lame turn as I decided to get massive amounts of black furniture… to bury my walls.

Bookshelves and bookshelves and bookshelves that were crammed with all manners of collectibles, books, and personal items were bought. Some were black, some not quite as black, but in general they managed to paint all the walls of my apartment with one color: Crammed.

When my partner moved in with me, we started changing things around a bit. For starters, most of these shelves were no longer crammed as I was getting rid of the things that I used the least or had no use for. After a few months there were fewer than half of the ones I originally had, and if everything goes according to plan, in the future we may keep two or three bookshelves (I used to have over ten).

Organizing the space that we have is a small challenge as we live in a cozy medium sized apartment. We have a moderate amount of items and a decent amount of space, so some creativity is due whenever we organize anything. Today the victims were our studio and living room, as the recent acquisition of a gaming system and the future plans for our computer hardware will need us to have a little bit more space.

One trip to IKEA later…

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Furniture upgrade.

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Home studio mini upgrade.

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Eureka! I am lucky to live with a creature with a very good eye for all things pretty. Whatever I think about she improves, then I add something else, then she does it as well, and in the end we have something lovely at hand.

Making things look good has been something I have been investing more effort over the past few months to basically every aspect of my life. From organizing every item I can in a better way to make sure that there is some degree of order, to the spreadsheets that I get to handle at work every day, which are growing more and more work-able as time moves forward (for those of you who work with me, yes: brighter colors are coming).

When every little aspect looks good in one’s life there is a little nudge; a bump that just makes you want for more of the same. One of the objectives I have made for this year is to want more and to do more, and if making everything in my life gorgeous in one way or another: Then so be it. Let’s make everything good so we can do good.

Bonus (header image): Why would there be a bucket in a kitchen? Oh IKEA…

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