Of Warmth and Promise

The year that just passed has been exemplary in all the different events that took place from beginning to end. It was a year that started with little motivation, a cold winter, and little hope — and ended with a warm winter and much hope in the air.

2015 was a year where I learned the true value of motivation and integrity. It was a year where I pushed myself to the limit in more than one aspect of my life: Sports, work, good health, study, and most importantly in my relationship with my partner. We had bad times, good times, and extremely good times. All that has transpired over the last 12 months has made us stronger as individuals and as a couple, and all the little things that occurred at one point or another taught me valuable lessons that I will be using the rest of my life.

This year we are striving to make it the best year of our lives: A year where we will discover more about ourselves and a year where we will do more than we have ever done before. This will be a year of promises and fulfillment. Of great things and new beginnings, and most importantly…

This year will be our year.

I have taken a few challenges on my lap that I would like to see fulfilled this year, and one of them includes writing a post every day with some content to pour out of my heart and into the web. A little piece of myself given to this blog in exchange for some peace of mind and hopefully for a re-connection of sorts with the world of blogging. Another challenge that I have decided to start this year is to get into the world of vlogging, which is certainly something that I will have to educate myself in. The challenges above come hand in hand with both photography and recording videos in general, which, thanks to the acquisition of certain hardware recently, has been made more interesting than it was before.

The future is bright and there is much to be done, so stay tuned for what will come — for it will be somewhat fun.

Happy new year!

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