Move Ahead and Push Forward

The final week of work for the year is here. If there is something I have come to realize in the past year as far as my professional development goes, is that there is a thin line between being capable to take care of your own tasks and being in dire need of help.

This was not always the case with me: Back when I was first promoted to my current position I was insanely obsessed with getting the job done, and that is something I did as much as I could and succeeded at. As time moved forward and I gained more interesting and complicated projects, as well as new responsibilities, I lost the ability to dedicate 110% of myself to my work. There were tasks that needed attention other than what I needed to do, and there was a life outside of the office waiting for me.

All of this was especially true this year as I found myself in a position where I was easily doing the job of 3 people, except I was doing it completely on my own. I eventually overloaded and many tasks that I was taking care of were distributed among many people. I felt relieved but at the same time I felt disappointed… disappointed that I was no longer able to dedicate myself fully to something. Disappointed that I was no longer a slave of my own will and that there were other priorities in my life other than being there all the time and giving more than I could and should.

Months have passed since then, and I have learned when and where my limits are approaching enough to say no or to ask for help. The past year has been a nonstop odyssey of work that has left me with little time to take care of personal work projects and personal-personal projects. Not that I complain, and more importantly: I have learned a valuable lesson as I have had my fair share of work for a very long time.

You are the only person who can push yourself forward.

Friends and family will always be there to support your weight when you need it, but in the end the action of moving from A to B has to come from within and from one’s own effort.

This year has been a fantastic learning experience on many fronts, and the next one is sure to be more of a playground as far as making use of the new knowledge gained goes.

Only a few more days!

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