Busy and Inconsistent

A few months back I decided to create this blog merely with the purpose of getting back into blogging. Approximately 5 years ago I was what could easily be considered a hardcore blogger: I was running a collaborative blog, had 2 of my own (personal and critical), and participated in a few other blogs at the same time.

Back then I considered myself a machine and I was right to do so: I was producing around 5 to 9 blog posts every day with an average 600 to 2000 words in each of them. I woke up early and went to bed late, wrote drafts in the subway or during classes, and spent hours at night processing media for the posts that would be created the next day.

All this I did for free and invested much time and money with little results, which most likely lead to the ultimate demise of all blogs except my personal blog… I was destroyed. My will to write was gone, as was my creativity in general. Around this time I also developed tendonitis as a combination of awkward typing due to a cycling accident and more gaming than I should have performed.

And so time passed. Time passed and I never went back to what I used to do, which, even if there were no results as far as the effort I invested went, I enjoyed and truly felt like I was doing something with my life.

This year I have been closely following Casey Neistat‘s daily vlog for a while. Part of the decision behind creating this blog comes from watching his vlog and seeing how much he has managed to gain back from it. So I figured that I could start in the domain that I know and am more familiar with before I experiment a little with that whole YouTube thing. With the amount of work I have had as of late it has been tough to find the inspiration, time, or even the resources to create something worth reading. Or so I keep telling myself.

In my dreams I made a decision to be more solid and responsible when it comes to this blog, so more creations will make it here in the days to come. I was fortunate enough to have done something much larger once, so I know how and what I have to do in order to produce something — anything — on a daily basis.

And so it begins again…

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