Basking in the Light

I have always been a relatively dark person. Since I was a kid I have been more often attracted to the unusual and the perverse, the dark and evil, and generally have been a highly pessimistic and obscure presence among others — when it comes to creativity and mentality.

Not necessarily talking about morals, but more specifically about the way my mind processes things, which was possibly reflected the most in my writing: My stories were often about vast chambers, solitude, disease, death, mutilation, and the unknown.

The past year, however, things have been vastly different since I met the love of my life — the light of my life. No longer do I wake up from seance-like dreams or otherwordly non-euclidean landscapes. Now I sleep at peace and am happy the grand majority of the time this is reflected by my inability to write about my dreams.

Yet I find myself unable to write about my now happier dreams, while being also unable to conjure my oddest dreams to put them into paper.

My creativity has been heavily affected by my mood, which has been positive for the greatest part of the past year. Now I find myself in a place where I have to be creative based more on what I want than what I feel… the ideas I have are many, but the inspiration is not quite there anymore.

It is looking like perhaps the source for my inspiration has to change to something other than the dreams I once had, and maybe just let it flow from what I am thinking throughout the day.

It should be worth a try!

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