Cozy Winter

Winter this year is nothing short of unusual. Whereas in previous years we had a lot of cold, little rain, and some snow in the winter months, this year has been mostly rain and a lot of relatively warm weather.

The lowest temperature we have seen was barely below freezing point, and the rest of the time the temperature has been above freezing point! As of yesterday, the weather forecast is expecting an 11 metric degree Christmas. This is around 20-30 degrees warmer than what we usually get, which is farily odd.

Mild weather means many things: We get to use our non-winter tires in our bicycles, which makes commuting very fun now that there are almost no bicycles in the streets. We get to go on runs or walks without dipping our feet in snow, and we get to stay warm inside even when the heat is set to low. Inside the aparment there is a new sort of coziness now that we got a PlayStation®4 system and we get to play more recent games at the apartment: We come home, cook, watch something online, and then game for a while. It is a cycle that we used to do in the past but that we stopped doing mostly due to hardware limitations (computer broke down and our old generation system was just… old). Now we get to play all the games that all of our friends have been playing.

Outside everything is still in a funny moment: The infrastructure and decorations for winter are waiting for snow that is just not falling from the sky, and the people are awkwardly dressing in the clothes for the wrong season all the time. People go out in their summer clothes and head back home in their soaking wet clothes after meeting a suprise cold rain, some others are wrapped like salads in warm clothes and end up boiling awfully where they stand.

It is a funny moment to live in.

As far as we go, we will stay cozy. Cozy in our warm clothes as we bike and cozy in our apartment as we play games and do other sorts of activities. Perhaps one of these days winter will feel more like winter, but until then… we shall enjoy this unwinter-like weather.

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