The Fitness Challenge

I have been living the healthiest year I have had in possibly the last 10 years. Back in 2008, when high school first finished and I moved to Canada as I pursued my university studies, I completely neglected how important exercise was for my body. My levels of physical activity went from 3 to 5 hours a day to less than 2 hours a week, which is a pretty massive change for anyone.

Since then there have been a lot of changes to the level of activity I do in a regular basis: Every year I try to do something differently to try to improve things even if it is just a little bit. In the past 4 years I managed to go from mostly sedentary to active in the weekends to active every day and finally to commuting by bicycle every day while managing to squeeze in a few more items of exercise in between.

This weekend we came to the realization that with the lady going back to work, we are going to have more resources and oportunities to do more physical activities. We have been running once a week for a few months now (with a few exceptions) and are planning to up the amount of running a little bit. Today we went swimming for the first time as part of our workout and things are looking very bright as far as our winter bicycle commute go.

It occured to me recently that adding yet another activity such as bouldering would make everything even more fun… but in the meantime I will stick to the powerful triangle, and make sure that everything as far as those three activities is as good as it can possibly be for the time when the local triathlons start happening once more. Then we should be able to see if all this training has led to results that can be seen outside of a mirror.

Exercise is the one thing that has greatly shaped who I am this year. Exercising every day and every weekend has allowed me to go to places that I would have not usually gone to and it has kept my mind vivid and happy at all times.

Right now I have something close to 90 kilometers’ worth of bicycle commute every week, which have been recently joined by 5 kilometers of running and half a kilometer of swimming. Will I be able to raise the numbers to 100, 25, and 2.4? There is only one way to find out!

It is good to be alive!

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